Who can buy a machine gun?

When it comes to shooting there is nothing more exciting or rewarding to shoot than a fully automatic weapon. Machine guns are used by all of our favorite action heroes, but you can own one too it’s not just for Rambo and John McLane. Anyone who is an American citizen and at least 21 years old can buy a machine gun. If you can purchase a title 1 firearm you can purchase a title 2 firearm, also known as Class 3.

All you have to do is buy the machine gun you want and have it transferred to an authorized FFL. Then you will have to fill out a Form 4, submit fingerprints, passport style photos, AND pay A ONE TIME TRANSFER TAX OF $200, then send notification of your application to your local law enforcement official. Once your paperwork is approved you can pick up your Machine Gun from your FFL. And just like that you are the proud owner of a Machine Gun!

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Dylan Casey