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Login  NEW: See Auctions ending in "<" 24hrs! | has become one of the premier online Class III gun brokers by building our reputation one customer at a time. We buy and sell machine guns. Handle FFL transfers. We can sell your machine gun.
>>> NFA sales are strictly regulated, so call us to legally buy or sell your next machine gun or suppressor. <<<
We can help you with estate sales and machine gun appraisals. We carry transferrable machine guns, ww2 relics, heavy machinegus like Lewis guns, Colt, Thompson, AC556, MP5, Uzis, MAC 10 and Mac 11's, M-16's, AK47's, and more. We are also Class II manufacturer specializing in integral suppression of .22 Rim fire type guns and custom AK47's.
Midwest Tactical Inc. is not only licensed to deal in machine guns but also standard Title I firearms such as pistols, rifles and shotguns. In Addition, MWT holds a Type 07 license with SOT in Missouri. While machine guns are the focus of the business, if you also have Title I firearms to sell, MWT can purchase the entire collection. MWT does the paperwork and arranges shipment of the guns after ATF approves the transfer. ATF can take months to approve a transfer, even to a dealer. MWT still pays up front. Most customers only have one or two machine guns to sell, and small purchases still make up the bulk of the business. Those buys of fewer than five machine guns can usually be made using pictures and forms, without the need for a visit.
.BUT, If you are selling a machine gun collection, Midwest Tactical Inc., will come to you: by air. Frank Goepfert, MWT founder and president, owns and operates a Cirrus SR22 airplane. Since two other company employees are also pilots, MWT can cover the map to meet with customers and close deals on machine gun collections.

" Most people are not familiar with the federal and state laws pertaining to silencers and Class 3 firearms. Almost any law abiding citizen can legally own a registered silencer. They are legal in most states.

*Please see our legal section for a detailed map of gun restricted states. Call us with any question you might have.

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Estate Guns? We Buy Machine Guns! MG Dealers Only    Investment Questions?  

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