MP5 Full Auto Review

The MP5 is without a doubt an awesome gun because of how great it is.   it has been used in several military facets over the years


The MP5 is a compact submachine gun that most commonly fires 9mm rounds. Depending on the model and other modifications this gun fires between 700-900 rounds per minute, which is about the same as an M16.


The MP5 even with a fast fire rate is still super manageable and is easily one of the most enjoyable machine guns to shoot.  Here at Midwest Tactical, we love shooting these every chance we get. The ergonomics of this platform are absolutely amazing, it feels great in the hand and shouldering it is incredibly comfortable. It is a good range gun because of its controllability and if it’s chambered in 9mm it’s not too expensive to shoot either.

The MP5 is also an easy gun to carry, if it is a model with a collapsible A3 stock it can be easily Transported. Magazines for this gun are easy to find and inexpensive, especially compared to some older submachine guns. This gun is easy to maneuver and it’s hard not to feel like an action hero when shooting it. And hey if it is good enough for John Mclane and Hans Gruber’s bad guys then it’s good enough for you!


There are a ton of different models of MP5 broadly speaking the MP5SD and MP5K are the most popular. The MP5SD variation is our personal favorite, it’s tactical look is just awesome and it shoots like a dream! It is even more controllable than the other variations, making it super easy to stay on target. You can keep the classic stock look of your MP5 or if you want you can make it look tactical pretty easily. There are M-Lok, quad rail and Keymod handguards available for the MP5.

Here are some things to know about buying an MP5. There are basically two options available for purchase when it comes to a full auto MP5. You can buy a registered receiver MP5 which means the gun itself is the registered part or you can buy a registered sear MP5. The registered sear MP5 costs more, but it’s because you can take the registered sear out of the gun and put it on almost any other H&K gun converting that gun to full auto. You can easily put an MP5 registered sear in a H&K  21, 33, 91, MP5 10 and 40 calibers hosts. In layman’s terms, you can buy a registered sear MP5 and instead of it being legally tied to that one gun, you can move it to other H&K gun hosts. So you get more bang for your buck with a registered sear.


The MP5 is a desirable machine gun especially the registered sears. These guns are a safe investment and if you ever decide to sell it you are probably gonna sell for more than you paid for it if you hold onto it for a couple of years. If you would like to buy or sell an MP5 you can contact us at

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