UC-9 Folding Submachine Gun

There are less than 100 transferable UC-9 sub guns in the US. If it looks familiar it could be because you’ve seen it in RoboCop II before. This gun is crazy, it folds up super small and in a few seconds transforms into an open bolt submachine gun. UC-9 actually stands for Under Cover 9mm, also UC happens to be the initials of Utah Connor, the man who invented the design. The UC-9 is referred to as the Radio Gun because back when it was first invented in the 1980s, when it was folded it looked like a portable radio. It today’s world that would stick out, but with some stickers or creative thinking you can turn this into a sub gun that hides in plain sight. We have heard of book covers being put around the UC-9 or attaching USB port stickers to one end to make it look like an external hard drive. This gun takes stock Uzi 9mm magazines, a double stacked 32 round Uzi mag will fit flush in this gun when it folds.

For more info or to buy a UC-9 yourself be sure to contact us at atfmachinegun.com

Dylan CaseyComment